I love Doritos.

I can literally polish off a family sized bag of Doritos on my own. In one sitting. This is why I never buy them. Way too dangerous.

I was so so excited to see tubs of baby kale at the farmer’s market this weekend. Kale may be so “last year” but I love it. And baby kale > regular kale because it has a more delicate flavor and, most importantly, is easier to use. You just wash it, throw it on a cookie sheet, use your fancy misto to add a bit of olive oil, and throw it in the oven at 415 degrees for 10-15 minutes. I add a bit of salt and pepper or garlic or vinegar after the olive oil depending on my mood and maybe a sprinkle of Parmesan after they’re done. I’ve also found that flipping the kale once during their cook time helps keep everything even. It’s also important to dry kale thoroughly and not to crowd the kale (nothing should over lap) or else the moisture that bakes out of the kale will just end up steaming the leaves.

And yes, you are cooking (a little) of the nutrients out of them, but you’ll still be getting TONS of vitamin A, K, and C with almost no fat or carbs, no sugar, no nasty preservatives. A cup of kale chips will be MAYBE 50 calories while a cup of Doritos is at least 150 plus 8g of fat plus carbs plus tons of ingredients I can’t say or spell – and NO good vitamins.



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