Little life updates

Not much is happening around here. No bees yet, bad weather, lots of work, and walks with Hank. I cleaned out the garage!


I built the shelves on the far left out of pallets and scrap wood. Definitely not the sturdiest option but absolutely the free-est.

We went wine tasting at a vineyard that just opened up (pretty) close to us. You can check out the yelp review I left them here.

I can’t wait to go back when they offer their own wine (and beer and cider. I might move in.). So three cheers for Wilderness Run Vineyards for getting a great thing started!


We also bought a car that day. We are SUPER happy with our decision to go with a Toyota Camry Hybrid as hub’s primary car. We said good bye to his college Civic (doesn’t every other college student seem to drive a civic?) and upgraded him and downgraded the gas bill for his long commute. I sent this to a friend earlier and because I’m lazy and it explains the day perfectly here ya go:

· Got up, went to hot yoga, went home and got ready for the day
· Went to the VW dealership with Luis so he could buy the Passat
· After spending OVER TWO HOURS there, the manager was super rude and didn’t match the Woodbridge VW’s price for the car (like the sales agent promised) so we walked out. (I stomped/stormed because I was hangry.)
· Went to Wegmans, inhaled a slice of pizza, bought $70 worth of cheese, fruit, wine food, etc.
· RACED to the vineyard
· Our friends were late bc their puppy barfed all over the car
· Cleaned up puppy barf
· Had a great time wine tasting/eating/not moving
· On the way home Luis looks at me with sad eyes and says can we pleeeeease stop by the Toyota dealership on the way home?
· Started paperwork to buy a camry hybrid, but then found out that specific car had literally JUST been sold
· Find a duplicate car only to realize it has a massive dent in it
· Find a better car with all the bells/whistles he wants and nothing extra (no sunroof)
· Buy car. Finally head home after 3 hours at the Toyota dealership

The end. And eff that VW dealership.


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