I celebrate all things by updating the chalkboard wall. And videoing it. (I always say videotape but I guess that’s probably not cool anymore? Or even accurate?)

End result:


I don’t LOVE it like the hot air balloon but it’s much better than the crappy bee.

Speaking of our bees, we are still waiting to pick them up. A lot of people are only just now picking up packages so I’m trying to be patient. I do have a cold/allergies/plague so I’ve been taking mad amounts of sudafed and cold medicine and my dreams have been pretty crazy. Last night I dreamt that bees kept flying in and under my veil. But thankfully I’m on a reduced meds dosage so it didn’t turn into a nightmare and I kept calmly removing them and trying again. This differs greatly from the night before where my nightmares would have made Stephen King jealous.

It was my birthday last week and my awesome parents got me:


The suit is full body with an attached hood which is WAY nicer than what I planned on getting myself. This is great because it also frees up our helmets and veils for others to watch or help.

The goatskin gloves are going to be amazing! Again, this will free up our current gloves to be used by others and used as back ups. The goatskin gloves are very thin and soft so you don’t feel like you’re constantly going to accidentally squish anyone.

Our instructor at the last class was very nonchalant about moving bees, shaking them off frames, waving them away, etc. My mom thought that was a bit… impolite I guess? So she got a bee brush to carefully encourage bees to move.

The company’s distribution/shipping facility is apparently severely overwhelmed. Because shipping was so delayed, nothing arrived before my birthday… Or when we celebrated a week later. My mom was obviously upset (she’d ordered everything WEEKS earlier) but she made the best of the situation with the insanely cute mini versions! Plus I had NO idea what they had gotten me and this packaging totally threw me off.


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