#WifeTestedHusbandApproved: One Pan Chicken Alfredo


I hate when you pin something only to find out that it’s a fake (or it links to porn. Awkwardddd). But this one pan chicken Alfredo really worked!


The link led to No. 2 Pencil

I did make a few changes and plan to work to make this a much healthier dinner option – especially because the Hubs said he wouldn’t mind if we ate this twice a week. (Probably not only because it’s AMAZING but because it really does only take one large pan and cover. And he’s in charge of dishes .)

When your chicken is mostly done, add some chopped green onions just after you add the garlic.


I kept the volume of liquid the same but added a little but more (homemade! So fancy!) chicken broth instead of cream. I should’ve/could’ve used half and half and maybe a little pat of butter if needed. Use what you’ve got.


Bring the pot to a boil and the simmer, covered for about 12 minutes and then check the pasta’s firmness every few minutes. Mine took about 18 minutes before the pasta was 95% done and there was significantly less liquid. Add the Parmesan and don’t be afraid to add half and then work yourself up to a cheesiness/consistency you like. Also mix REALLY well and sprinkle lightly to avoid blobs of parm.


Boom. You’re done in less than 30 minutes and it looks like you slaved over a homemade sauce. Other changes I’d like to try are using a dairy substitute, trading salmon for the chicken, and adding a green like baby kale, spinach, or wilted arugula.



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