This week’s meals.

I have a super hard time meal planning in a way that makes any sense. As new home owners we’re trying to stick to budget and the best way for us to save a little extra money is by eating at home. The hardest part is figuring out how to buy on sale and affordable and then also use that to make healthy meals that taste good. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

When we lived closer to the city we saved $$$$ by shopping at Safeway, Costco, and Trader Joes (cookie butter anyone?). Here, I have Shoppers, Giant, and Food Lion. Every trip is preceded by some one saying “SIGHHHH I miss Publix.” But, we soldier on. In my experience Food Lion has been least expensive but they often don’t have the best variety. And their app is basically useless. Shoppers just isn’t my favorite – unless we’re picking up their knockoff cronies. Giant is just meh. They are all equal distance so we usually head to Food Lion unless there’s an amazing sale some where else.

Anyways… We are challenging ourselves to eat at home and bring our lunches to work. Lately our lunches have been: baby kale salad (plus a protein for hubs), Greek yogurt, piece of fruit, veggies with hummus. Summer is just around the corner and I don’t want to be totally embarrassed. Plus I might have brainwashed myself into thinking this makes me feel better.

Dinner this week:
Tuesday: sweet potato and cauliflower sausage soup. I add ginger, homemade bone broth, and sautéed onion.
Wednesday: happy hour with Hub’s friends. I’ll try to order something with the word salad in it.
Thursday: pesto with chicken and asparagus. Hubs doesn’t eat asparagus so he’ll get green beans or brussel spouts.
Friday: lazy ground turkey pot pie. Aka browned ground turkey + homemade cream of chicken + frozen veggies and whatever’s in the bottom of the veggie drawer + easy biscuit topping. This is Hub’s favorite meal I make… Definitely top three at the very least. It sounds and looks difficult to make and tastes amazing. And takes 15 minutes to throw in the oven. WINNING.

I’m not sure how to keep mixing it up. I tried to make stir fry once. We threw it out.

We have occasionally taken advantage of groupons to have those “ingredients in box” subscriptions sent to the house. (And then quickly canceled them. I don’t know who can afford them once the coupon runs out.) I was hoping that I’d learn a few things, but unfortunately I rarely liked the meal enough to add it to our rotation. The meals I did LOVE unfortunately included ingredients that are hard to get i.e. Ahi tuna, Indian spices, and cool Korean sauces.

So that’s it. A nice ramble-y post about food.


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