Easy headboard DIY

This was a $10 and two hour project. There are a MILLION tutorials for this so going to give you the barebones and trust y’all can google a few more examples. Mine is a little trickier because our bed is front of windows so the headboard cannot be mounted on the wall – we’ll get to that later.

Step one: gather your supplies.
– fabric (already had. Don’t forgot to use a coupon if you head to Joann Fabric!)
– batting or foam (less than $8 from Michaels with a coupon)
– solid back (I used an old door. Reuse. Renew. Recycle. Boom.)
– staples
– scissors
– staple gun
– screws
– charged (very important) drill

Step two: run to your parents house and borrow their staple gun because you’ve lost yours. (Optional.)

Step three: cut out your batting so it’s large enough the wrap around the edges of the door. (Obviously a piece of plywood or something along those lines would be fine.) I didn’t this by laying my door on the batting and cutting around it. Measuring is not my strong suit. You can also hot glue or use spray adhesive to adhere foam beneath the batting or in place of it.


Step four: as you can see above I stapled that stuff right on. Sort of wrapping the edges like you were making the bed or wrapping a present.

Step five: repeat steps three and four with the fabric making sure that the pattern lines up as needed. If your fabric is striped you need to be extra careful, especially when pulling the fabric tightly as you staple it.


Step six: remove sticker from fabric and high five yourself for scoring such a great deal (also optional.)


You’re done! Now just screw some legs on it (2×4 boards would work great) and attach them to the wall or bed. If you have a cheap, all metal frame like me you may realize this too late and have to rig the headboard to the end of the bed.


Sorry the photo sucks but basically what I did was sandwich the legs between the slats and metal frame and then use some leftover boards to anchor the legs of headboard to the legs of the bed. It seems to work so far.

Here it is in full filtered glory:


You can follow me at @gator_rach on Instagram for more house and Hank updates. Less than a month until the bees come home!


Yup. Full Hank approval.



  1. what size bed is this? this is exactly what i was looking to do for my bed in front of the window!! love the idea of using a door! (we have an ugly old metal one laying around)

    1. It’s a king but I think it would look great with a queen too. I love having the bed in front of the window – doesn’t block too much light and creates a great focal point. Though I will say I’ve been getting up earlier on weekends because of the early sunlight which is good… I guess 😉

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