Front door facelift

Our front door has a HUGE window.  It’s great for letting in the light, but that’s about it.  My primary concern was that I want to be able to see who’s at our front door, but at least obscure the view of me running to the laundry room in my jammies.  Our townhouse is right next to the model which creates an unusual amount of foot traffic by our front door.  A little bit of extra privacy would be a welcome thing.

When we purchased blinds for the townhouse we talked about adding something matching and blind-ish to the front door before ultimately deciding that wasn’t a look we loved.   We creeped on our neighbors to check out their solutions: most went with blinds, curtains, or nothing at all.  So I searched Pinterest, flipped through blogs, and checked out front doors on walks with Hank.  I finally found this post from A Beautiful Mess.  Their pretty yellow front door also suffered from a large glass pane.  (see what I did there?)  Their stripes aren’t my style so I decided to go for an equally bold pattern: chevron.  I know it’s trendy, but I love it.  And, at least according to the interwebz, it’s removable with paint thinner.

Step One: Clean and prep your supplies.  Hank kicks/paws the front door when we leave and then gives us puppy eyes until the car out of sight.  The entire thing is covered in nose and paw prints.  I pulled together some 1.5″ frog tape, one of those circular fabric cutters, a ruler, a pen, and my paint.  I used this Valspar Glass Frosting spray paint. I got it at Lowes for maybeeee $5.  I got the fancy spray paint top (not just the little push-down one) because A) my hand gets tired and B) I wanted to make sure the spray was as even as possible.

Valspar Paint

Click for source

Step Two: Decide on your design.  I made about 9842 (math) mistakes when doing this.  I finally figured out what I wanted it to look like so I taped off the edges to create a border.  I read a few tutorials but couldn’t find anything that really helped.  Here’s what I did.  I measured half of the width of the remaining space.  It was 18″ wide so I marked every 4.5″ along the bottom and then every 4.5″ up the length.  The added benefit of the border was that it gave me some where to make the marks.  I started in the corners and taped diagonally across the glass – connecting the first tic mark on left vertical to the tic mark farthest to the left.  I kept the “top” edge of the tape beneath the tic marks.  I regret (not really) having an square but the end result is fine.  Just keep the tape tight and make sure the squares created by the checkerboard of tape look even.    It should look like this:

Half way there!

Half way there!

Boom. Done. With tape at least.

Boom. Done. With tape at least.

Step Three: Use the fabric cutter to remove tape pieces and create stripes.  I only needed one band aid after this so that’s a win.  (Note: I don’t know what your glass is like.  Mine didn’t have any cover/sealant that I could cut with the roller.  I only pressed hard enough to cut through the tape.)

Almost there.

Almost there.

Step Four: Spray as many coats as needed to cover the window.  Mine took three – I left adequate amount of time for the layers to dry, followed the directions on the back of the can, etc…  I did them about an hour or so apart and made sure to cover up the door while I sprayed.  I should NOT have done this on a day when it was rainy.  The fumes were awful – I stood there and swung the door back and forth until the smell was less deadly.  Invest in a mask if possible.   When it’s dry (or your patience to see what it looks like runs out) pull off the tape.

I love taking the tape off after a project is over.  LOVE. IT.

I love taking the tape off after a project is over. LOVE. IT.

Step Five:  You’re done. Enjoy the door.  If there is any “build up” or thicker lines near where the tape was, you can very very very very carefully buffer it even.  Also, there was a little bleeding at one of my borders, but a straight edge took it off.  Again, I was very very very careful.

Front Door Glass

Done! #putawreathonit

Close up

Close up

It’s subtle, I like it, and it’s done…. for less than $10.  Plus it makes our builder grade, cookie cutter house look just a little more unique.

Gratuitous Instagram photo!

Gratuitous Instagram photo! Follow me @Gator_Rach


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